What is Grunge Rock

The grunge rock is a rock music flavor which is characterized by dissonant harmonies and slower tempos. It is the music that has drawn its inspiration from indie rock, heavy metal and hardcore punk. This kind of music is associated with complex instrumentation which features apathetic or anguish based lyrics, sludgy guitar sound which uses high level fuzz, feedback & distortion effects and contrasting song dynamics. This music is believed to be developed in Seattle between 1980s and 1990s.

Some of the prominent places where this music was played during this development phase includes Crocodile Cafe. Since it originated from Seattle it is also popularly known as the “Seattle Sound”. The first band to bring forward the Grunge rock to a major platform was “Sound Garden”. This band was the first Grunge band that signed to a bigger label when they joined A&M Records roster in 1989. Later many other bands also experimented with this style of music and contributed to make it a popular form of rock music.

In 1991,the band “Nirvana” released their first Grunge rock based album – Never Mind. This album from Nirvana wiped the hair bands off the fashionable and popular charts. Also, the album “Ten” from Pearl Jam rock band contributor significantly to the popularity of this music. Also these bands gave some popular Grunge numbers to the world. This music reached the heights of popularity between the period ranging from 1989 to 1994, but after this period it couldn’t maintain its popularity.

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