What Is Classic Rock?

We all are aware of a general term – Rock music, but most of us do not realize that this music has various forms. It is the name of the musical genre that most often followed popular songs of that were published since 1960s to 1980s. This musical group is always identified as a typical radio station as they dedicated their music in playing admired songs of the above period; however, they are not radio stations.

Classic Rock

The reason behind such connotation is due the way they programme the presentation of popular songs. In the earlier days the classic rock music followed album based rock, but gradually from 1970s till the initial years of 1980s they started playing contemporary music in addition to earlier album songs. However, during the mid of 1980s classic rock music took its transformation from playing present day music to classic rock again.

Though much radio station genre music followed classic rock radio station format, the first genre to be named under it was Philadelphia’s WYSP in 1981. But, it was found that music stations of about more than 40 numbers have been categorised as classic rock. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Eagles, Aerosmith, are some of the bands which reflected the classic rock genre. The earlier musical hits of the musicians involved in the above bands stayed as frequently played music for radio programs. Certain classic rock stations focused on hard rock, metal bands like Guns’n Roses and Metallica of 1980s. Later in after 1980s classic rock also favoured new musical entities.

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