Twentieth Anniversary Celebration Tour for Wildhearts

The Wildhearts, is the name of an English rock band that hails from England. The music that they make is a combination of melodic pop music and hard rock. Although press has often stated that they drive their influence for music from Beatles and Metallica, but the band itself has always denied these speculations that circulate around.


The band finds its origin in 1989, but they came up with a bang with a their debut album – The earth v/s the Wildhearts in 1993. This band which poses a unpredictable and turbulent history. Apart from Ginger, all the other members of the band have been regularly replaced.

In this year, 2013, the band is celebrating its 20th anniversary of the debut album and has planned a short UK tour for this. They’ll perform their 1993′s successful record in Nottingham, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Glasgow. The team for this anniversary celebration includes the main man of the band – Ginger (David Walls) joined by CJ as guitarist, Ritch Battersby as drummer and Random Jon Poole as the bassist.

The line up for the performance is also quite exciting as the full eleven tracks from the album will be delivered by the band in the first half of each performing night followed by the second half, where the band will play the tracks chosen by the live audience.

This band will be performing after a long time as in 2009, after the release of Chutzpah, the band
was put on hiatus by Ginger due to Scott Sorry’s unavailability.

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