The Origin of Punk Rock Music

Punk Rock that originated in 1970s began just as a fad but in a short span of time it became a phenomenon that brought a great change in the rock music industry forever. Punk rock came as a new combination sound that combined the goodness of pop and rock music. When it was introduced, it gained popularity because it was quite different from the mainstream music that was prevalent at that time. But as so it started gaining popularity, it formed a subculture of its own.

Punk Rock
The name Punk Rock was taken from the slang word “punk” which meant worthless and rotten. This name was given to punk because this music was entirely different from the mainstream music of that time. The new band that introduced this music was different from the other mainstream players in many senses. They had little mainstream talent, they carried the message of antiauthority with themselves, wore crazy clothes and their hairstyles looked outrageous. Although it originated in late 1960s but only around 1974 the punk rock began to establish a different sort of music genre of its own. There are many arguments about the origin of punk rock as far as the place of origin is concerned. Some believe it to be London, while other argue it to be New York. This is because in the early 70s, the punk rocks were emerging at both these places.
In late 70s the Sex Pistols & the Clash band of London, and Ramones of New York emerged as the vanguard of this new musical revolution named as Punk Rock.

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