The Beatles – Fame & Controversy

The one band that had effectively influenced the rock world with its unique art was the Beatles. The Beatles was formulated in the year 1960. It was an English rock band. The band became one of the most commercially flourishing, successful as well as critically acclaimed in the history of famous rock music world. The band’s well known lineup incorporated Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

The Beatles Rare Photo

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The Beatles got famous for adapting & trying several genres ranging from psychedelic rock to pop ballads along with a unique touch of classical mixed with other elements in a unique innovative way. The band’s massive fame emerged in the early 1960s as the “Beatle mania”. With time as their songwriting cultivated with sophistication & elegance, they came to be professed by majority of their fans along with their cultural observers as an effective personification of the ideals & principles shared by the socio-cultural rebellions of the era.

With immense fame the Beatles have also been famous for a different kind of controversy associated with them – the controversial remark made by the John Lennon in the year 1966 as “More Popular than Jesus”. Lennon made the statement that Christianity was in begged off decline and that the band Beatles had turn out to be more famous than Jesus Christ himself. This quote was considered among the most controversial statements ever made in the history ever. With increasing protests, two press conferences were held where both Lennon and Epstein articulated their heartily regret at the statement made by the Lennon.

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