Review of Book ‘U2 by U2’ by U2 and Neil McCormick

U2 by U2‘U2 by U2’ is a book written by none other than U2, the famous rock music band which was formulated in the year 1976 and is basically an Irish rock band. The book is co-authored by childhood friend of band members and a much-admired music journalist Neil McCormick. This book is a result of hard dwelling by Neil McCormick since he spent total of 150 hours with the band getting each & every details of their lives, their vision, feelings and future aspects. Today we will be reviewing this book ‘U2 by U2’. So here is the review.

Since I am a big U2 fan and I was quite excited to have this book. The book is written incredibly since while reading I felt as if band members are sitting in front of me and telling their stories in their famous & much loved musical tone. Every word is charismatic, mesmerizing and leaves the reader bewitchered with its charm. Every page is beautifully laced up with amiable and appreciable anecdotes. The book incorporates loads of pictures of U2 that are rare to find.

u2 band

I would strongly recommend it to all hardcore fans of U2 since this is the best one you will ever get if you want to have a close insight to the U2. I won’t recommend this to those people who are always in a rush to finish the book and would want this book to finish within a week. It is a masterpiece which needs to be read slowly like we enjoy classic music.