Interesting Facts about Yellowcard (Rock Band)

Yellowcard is an American pop punk rock band that was formed in 1997, in Florida, U.S. Ryan Key, Ryan Mendez, Sean Mackin, Longineu W.parsons III and Josh Portman are the present members of the Yellowcard band although it was not the original line-up of the band. We have come up with some unknown facts about Yellowcard.

Yellowcard Band
Here you go

  1. In 1997, Midget Tossing band’s first album was released and their subsequent album Where We Stand was featured on the same schedule as the first one.
  2. Soon after the release of their second album, Ryan Key was the new entry in the band and he replaced Ben Dobson, which has entirely changed the band style. It became pop punk from hardcore.
  3. In the beginning of 2000, band recorded and released their album Still Stand EP and soon in June 2000, they signed their debut soundtrack agreement.
  4. One for the kids was their third album and released in 2001 and The Underdog EP their next album released soon after. Both albums earned huge popularity.
  5. From the album, “Way Away” The band released their first single.
  6. In late 2003, the band released a hit single, “Ocean Avenue”. The premier of the song telecasted on MTV’s TRL program and quickly after it attained No. 1 position in the music charts.
  7. In the beginning of 2005, Yellowcard took a few months off. Peter Mosely and Ryan Key moved to New York City to write the songs for their upcoming album.

Review of the book the ‘Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back’ by White

Today we are reviewing the book The Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back’ written by Mr. White, a renowned writer. The Everly Brothers are one of the most famous rock music singers & brothers and a band with only two of them as performers. The Everly Brothers were widely accredited for their steel string guitar along with harmony singing. The duo got inducted in “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” in the year 1986. The book ‘The Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back’ written by Mr. White is the life story & journey of these two brothers in the rock music world.

Everly Brothers

This book by White is a result of extensive interviews that the writer has done with this duo. The result is the book which provides in depth information regarding the 15 year career of the brothers along with portraying a light on their personal aspects. The book beautifully covers the duo’s personalities, similarities and dissimilarities with each other, their outlook on music and life and many other factors they face on daily basis.

But there are some flaws which can be ignored in general but as a hardcore fan, it becomes hard to avoid them. The book could have got more in-depth insight to our duo’s life making it perfect for hardcore fans of the Everly Brothers.

But that does not mean that book should not be given a try. There are many things that will fascinate the fans in this book specially the little unknown & rare known facts about these brothers. So a must read from my side.

Preface to the Rock Band – Pearl Jam

One of the most famous rock & roll bands of era of 90s was Pearl Jam. It is an American rock & roll band that was formulated in the year 1990 in Washington’s Seattle. The band was started by four young musicians – guitarist Stone Gossard, vocalist Eddie Vedder, bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Mike McCready. Later on in the year 1998, Matt Cameron also joined the band and till date these five members are a part of this legendary rock band. This band was formed after Ament’s and Gossard’s band, Mother Love Bone, got demised.

Pearl Jam
The first studio album by this band, Ten was a massive hit. Though the band experienced a critical criticization in its earlier days, condemned of being mere corporate trade-in on the style of alternative rock yet the band was able to reach the heights of success due to the immense fan following.
The music style of Pearl Jam has always been appreciated by fans for being quite different, less heavy as well as a bit of harkening-back than other rock bands. The main inspiration of the band’s music has been considered the classic rock music and punk rock music. So far band has successfully broadened down its music range in its recent albums over the past few years.
The music work by the band so far incorporates –

  • Ten in 1991
  • Vs. in 1993
  • Vitalogy in 1994
  • No Code in 1996
  • Yield in 1998
  • Binaural in 2000
  • Riot Act in 2002
  • Pearl Jam in 2006
  • Backspacer in 2009
  • Lightning Bolt in 2013