Preface to the Rock Band – Pearl Jam

One of the most famous rock & roll bands of era of 90s was Pearl Jam. It is an American rock & roll band that was formulated in the year 1990 in Washington’s Seattle. The band was started by four young musicians – guitarist Stone Gossard, vocalist Eddie Vedder, bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Mike McCready. Later on in the year 1998, Matt Cameron also joined the band and till date these five members are a part of this legendary rock band. This band was formed after Ament’s and Gossard’s band, Mother Love Bone, got demised.

Pearl Jam
The first studio album by this band, Ten was a massive hit. Though the band experienced a critical criticization in its earlier days, condemned of being mere corporate trade-in on the style of alternative rock yet the band was able to reach the heights of success due to the immense fan following.
The music style of Pearl Jam has always been appreciated by fans for being quite different, less heavy as well as a bit of harkening-back than other rock bands. The main inspiration of the band’s music has been considered the classic rock music and punk rock music. So far band has successfully broadened down its music range in its recent albums over the past few years.
The music work by the band so far incorporates –

  • Ten in 1991
  • Vs. in 1993
  • Vitalogy in 1994
  • No Code in 1996
  • Yield in 1998
  • Binaural in 2000
  • Riot Act in 2002
  • Pearl Jam in 2006
  • Backspacer in 2009
  • Lightning Bolt in 2013