Interesting facts about David Vanian

In Hemel Hempstead, England, David Vanian was born on 12 October 1956. “The Damned” was the punk rock band and he is a main singer and rock musician for this and which was formed in 1976 in London. Here are some interesting facts about David Vanian.

David Vanian

  1. The original name of David Vanian is David Lett. David Vanian is the most invasive element of the band. Before turning to a musician, he was gravedigger but soon he realized that he should be in the music world.
  2. The Damned were the first British punk band to release a single full length disc, an album. It hit records in the UK charts with amazing punk rock tracks.
  3. David Vanian often dressed up in dark clothing and white makeup while performing on stage to showcase how deeply he is influenced with gothic fashion.
  4. A Screen show was anchored by him on channel Rockworld TV which is UK-based TV. In response to this and to win prizes for horror films, many audiences sent their videos.
  5. In Cambridge, he and Captain Sensible came in to the controversy related to the incident of Christmas lights.
  6. For movie a movie, he composed the amazing sound track in 2009.
  7. In 1977, before joining Dammed, he was married to Laurie, his first wife. In Mid 1990, they got separated.
  8. After some time of their separation, he married to Patricia Morrison. Emily Vanian born in 2004 and Patrica Morrision was her mother.

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