Roskilde Festival of Denmark

The Denmark’s Roskilde music festival is one the major musical annual event that is looked forward by music fans, especially rock music fans every year. It is usually held in early July every year and offers amazing variety of outdoor music, live performances and entertainment.

Roskilde Festival

The Mud of Roskilde Festival in 2004

This festival begun in 1971 and since then every year it is attracting more and more fans. In the recent years it has been observed that more than 150 bands perform every year and attract approx 1 lac visitors.

The visitors get entertained to the fullest and the atmosphere during the music festival is truly astonishing. Visitors get to enjoy the food and drinks at very economical prices and can have fun with around the colour coded stages. This is also one of the greatest attraction in this festival that the stages are colour coded and look startling.

The main stage of the festival is usually coloured orange and the most popular rock artistes perform on this orange stage. Apart from this main stage there are several other stages organized indoor and outdoor for the newer bands or the artistes who not very popular worldwide.

This music festival is not only famous for the classic music performances but also for certain events that are a part of this fest. The best part of the fest is that it is a non profit event and the all the money earned by the festival is donated for the humanitarian causes. So if you want to be part of this amazing festival and want to contribute in the noble causes through it, just book your tickets now…

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