Rock the World with Blues Rock

There are numerous music genres in the wide rock music world. Some get quite successfully adapted by people while some not. Blues rock is rock music genre that comes in the successful part. It combines bluesy improvisations ardently over twelve bar blues along with comprehensive boogie jams along with famous rock & roll style.

Blues Musician

This sub genre of rock & roll has gained immense popularity among rock music lovers. The core heart of blues rock music sound is crafted by piano, electric guitar, drum kit and a bass guitar. Well in this genre of rock music the electric guitar is normally amplified with an amplifier (tube guitar). This is done for the purpose of attaining over-driven character. The Blues rock music started developing around in the mid 60s in United States as well as in Britain. The exact timing and place has never got confirmed.

The old legends who adapted this genre of rock music included big names like Albert king, Robert Johnson, Howlin’s Wolf, B.B. King, Muddy Waters and many more. Famous bands that adapted for this rock music genre and also provided some experimentation include names like The Animals, The Rolling Stones, Butterfield Blues Band, The Yard birds and Siegel Schwall Band.

Earlier the blues rock music base used to be long and involved with improvisations on Jazz records but by 70s it changed a lot. With time the Blues rock music changed to be more riff based and quite heavier drifting towards hard rock. But by the 90s, Blues rock music genre started getting back to its root, called bluesy roots.

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