Rock Music – Hard for Women to Connect?

Rock Music has always been a center of attraction especially for those entering their teenage. This music is a genre of legendary ‘Rock and Roll’. If you go for the legends of Rock Music then there are many names like legendary Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Eric Burdon, Ray Charles, Howling Wolf, Eddie Cochran that will just strike your mind and one will be just saying ‘wow’ in his mind. But wait a minute.

Angela Gossow

Are not we forgetting something? Where are big Rock women musicians? Obviously when Rock Music comes to our minds, many legendary male musicians come to our mind but where are those ladies who also contributed hugely in this form of music? Is this ongoing debate true that Rock Music is hard for women to be connected with like men had in the past?

In fact it has always been difficult to conclude how crucial contribution women had made in the development of the Rock Music. If we just go through the history then we will get the facts that earlier women who wanted to pursue a career in rock n roll had to face sort of war with disbelievers, male rock artists, cultural norms, society and most of the time with themselves. Certain family boundaries restricted most of earlier era women to even think of becoming a ‘rock star’ because that was against the so called sophisticated society. Further the women who did enter the Rock Music world being an infidelity were considered just a ‘Sex Material’ despite the immense talent.

So there is no end to this debate yet certain facts are there.

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