Review of the Fall Out Boy Album Save Rock & Roll

Save Rock and RollSave Rock & Roll album was a high profiled, long awaited album of Fall Out Boy rock band. Reason – They released this album after a long hiatus of 4 years. The band has always been famous for different reasons and album after 4 years really created a huge hype. Here is a review of the album Save Rock & Roll by Fall Out Boy.

Since Fall Out Boy band was releasing their art piece after a long duration of 4 years, plenty of expectations were there but unfortunately ‘Save Rock & Roll’ was neither able to save ‘Rock & Roll’ nor band itself. The over expected album ended up providing under results.

First and foremost, the music of the album does not justify name ‘Save Rock & Roll’ itself. The music has not much to do with Rock & Roll. Another big fall out for Fall Out Boy is unoriginality in this album.

Fall Out Boy

Accompanying total of 11 tracks, some actually made me feel wretched while some were extremely awesome. So a mixed liking-disliking flavor for me. The biggest fall out in ‘Save Rock & Roll’ album is a forfeit of true genre twisting with preposterous lyrics and cliché cheesy melodies in favor of some hooking tweens.

To sum up at the end, this album is merely 40 minutes of superfluously & emotionally unstable outmoded piece of pop punk. Better could have been delivered. Though a bit disappointment for me still crazy hardcore Fall Out Boy fans are loving it surprisingly.

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