Review of the book The Beach Boys Silver Anniversary by John Milward

Silver Anniversary BookWhat comes in mind when we say “The Beach Boys” – legends, Icons, Great Rock Artists, Rock Music Kings or many more such great names? The Beach Boys is one of the world’s most influential, popular and legendary rock music band which ruled the hearts of its fans for several decades and became (& still are) inspiration for millions. Today we are reviewing one of the books that have been written on this legendary rock band – The Beach Boys Silver Anniversary written by John Milward.

The book was written by John Milward and published in the year 1985. The book came out as a tribute to the band’s 25th anniversary, a landmark only a few rock bands have been able to hit in the history. The book covers various aspects of the Beach Boys’ life. Numerous photographs have been personally added to the book keeping in mind the requisites of a fan while buying it.

The Beach Boys

The book is nice and interesting to read but also faces some errors especially there are some incorrect information in this book which proves out to be the major drawback for it. Secondly the approach of writing by John Milward is quite boring leaving the readers moan and groan.

So as a fan if you looking for a book to have historical information about the Beach Boys, this is not the one but if you want to enjoy reading about the band, this is worth a read especially due to the photographs of the band members it has in it.

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