Review of the Book Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy

Jimi Hendrix – world’s most renowned & talented guitarist and a legendary rock music singer & song writer. Many books have been written on this iconic rock music artist covering his life and his untimely demise that left the world mourning. Today we will be reviewing one such book on the life of Jimi that was written as a tribute to this celebrity. This book is Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy written by Caesar Glebbeek & Harry Shapiro. Let us have a look at the review of this book.

Electric Gypsy Book

I have always personally admired & enjoyed the music of Jimi Hendrix. This book Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy is more of a biography of Jimi’s life in the words of Harry & Caesar. The book has focused on the all the aspects of life of Jimi from his childhood to his rising towards success and fame to that unfortunate &untimely death. The book has explored very deeply the unhappy & full of struggle childhood that Jimi had lived. Moreover Shapiro & Caesar has very precisely raised questions over the rumors of Jimi’s management’s carelessness towards his health that leads to unfortunate death of this legend.

This book is a straight Yes to all the hard core Jimi Hendrix’s fans especially who closely want to learn about the life of this iconic rock music artist. Harry & Caesar have been very wise towards choosing the words especially while discussing very sensitive topics in the book. The emotional factor is kept very accurate and it really touches down your heart.
I will strongly recommend this book to readers.

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