Review of the Album – Straight Out of Hell from Helloween

One of the preeminent rock & roll band of hard genre heavy metal is Halloween. The band was formed in the year 1983 and is from Michigan having Bill Whyte, Brian Thomas, Rick Craig and George Neal as the four band members. Recently in the beginning of this year, Helloween released their new album ‘Straight Out of Hell’.

Straight Out of Hell


Here is the review of this album -

According to me the album ‘Straight Out of Hell’ is so far the best one released by Helloween in their career span of 20 years. Helloween is widely accredited since its each album is always better than the last one and they have followed this trend this time too. Everything from sound, songs, lyrics to singing and impressions is simply perfect. The music is so awesome that it can buzz up even the laziest person to stand & rock on. This album is quite much more heavier in terms of music & sound than Helloween’s last album, which was also a hit – ‘7 Sinners’.

The lyrics of all songs with music are amazing and provide a good positive feel. The most important thing, lyrics are meaningful unlike majority of rock & roll songs. There has never been any doubt with the singing skills of Helloween but this time they have really stunned everyone, I could not find a single disappointment in this album. This is worth the money you will spend on it. Its ‘a must go and grab one’ album. I strongly recommend it for all especially Metal Rock fans.

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