Review of the Album Nemesis by the Stratovarius Band

Nemesis Album CoverOne of the leading rock bands in the rock music world is Stratovarius. The band which was formed in the year 1984 and crafted total of 15 studio albums in their career span takes inspiration and follow the genres of power metal as well as symphonic metal. This year on 22nd of February, the band came up with new studio album with the name Nemesis. Today we will be reviewing this new launched album of the Stratovarius. Here is the review –

Well this new much awaited album is a bit tough album to get grip on. Undoubtedly this one is more energetic than the band’s last album but it is at the same time quite more fruity, symphonic and puffed up with sound effects & distracting keyboards. The music is both fast but less heavy when compared with the last album of the band – Elysium. The album is over filled with some flat and generic material that is a big turn off and fails to impress heavily. The overblown musical sound effects just make me feel puke as if my ears will fall out heavily.

Stratovarius Band

I have always loved Stratovarius due to their some exceptional bombastic performances and I was heavily waiting for this one but it turns out to be a failure for me and other Stratovarius fans. The music is quite weak and watered down with everything making listener feel toothless and down. Well much was awaited from Stratovarius but the outcome was not even half of their reputation. It could have been far more better.

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