Notes on Curtis Mayfield’s Biography – The Legend

Curtis Lee Mayfield was one of the most famous rock music artists and highly accredited globally for his contribution to the rock music world. He was an American rock music funk singer, R&B, songwriter as well as a record producer. Curtis is highly accredited as instigate of politically cognizant African – American as well as funk music. Along with being world renowned rock music artist he was also an appreciable multi-instrument player. The instruments he had expertise include bass, guitar, piano, drums and saxophone.

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis was widely known & valued for introducing social awareness in society with R&B as well as African-American music. He also wrote songs that protested against political & social inequality. But the critically as well as commercially acclaimed peak came to his career with his music work ‘Super Fly’ that took him to higher level of success and fame. ‘Super Fly’ is still considered one of the most super influential African-American music works till date.

Curtis had got numerous honors and awards for his impeccable contribution in the rock music world. Some of these achievements include Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Legend Award and a double induction into the famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was also a two time inductee of Grammy Hall of Fame. He was honored as one of the 100 Greatest Artists of all times.
In the year 1990, Mayfield had a stage accident which caused paralyses to his body below the neck. He became unable to play guitar but he continued writing songs, singing and directing them. Curtis died due to diabetes in the year 1999.

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