5 Most Popular Rock Music Festivals

Rock Festival

Rock music festival is a destination where every music lover wants to go and enjoy. If you are keen to know the most popular rock music festivals then this article can give the brief description about them.

  1. Lollapalooza: Lollapalooza seems to be a premiere destination for rock music follower across the continent. It is held in amidst sky-scrapers, heart of Chicago in US. Well known and brightest rock star of the industry join this music festival and making it one of the best rock musical fest around.
  2. Electric Daisy Carnival: This musical festival has become the World’s most famous with the presence of the legendary dance and music talent. The festival has shifted from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to make it more successful and flourishing.
  3. Summer Fest: It is considered to be one of the largest music festivals in the World. Every year approx 10 lacks attendees join the fest. The festival stays for eleven days and accordingly it is planned in different parts. It is located in Milwaukee, WI.
  4. Bonnaroo: It is also known 50 moments, the best rock music festival of the East Coast. It spreads in 700 acres area and almost 10-15 lac audience join the fest for World’s best rock and roll performances.
  5. Ultra Music Festival: It is held in Miami town during Miami Music week and it is supposed to most famous dance music fest in US. Ultra music fest is more enjoyed by lovers.

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