Marilyn Manson: The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

It is the Marilyn Manson’s autobiography. Marilyn Manson who is a rock band’s leader released this autobiography on 14 February 1998. This book includes Marilyn Manson’s early life along with the phase when he rose to fame and many other details including drugs and his relationships. The sale of around 150,000 copies of this controversial icon’s autobiography made it to national bestsellers list quite easily.

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Review of the Long Hard Road Out of Hell:

The popularity of the Marilyn Manson was huge and his autobiography also gained similar level of popularity & love from his fans worldwide. Many considered it as the best book in rock music genre and if you browse you will find this book on most of the internet book selling websites and book houses.

The best part of this book is it engages the interest of the reader not only when Manson became the star but right from where he started explaining his early years. This book brings forward a really interesting portrait of a dysfunctional youth growing up to become America’s most hated rock n roll star. This book is indeed interesting and fun.

This book might also change your viewpoints about the hated star who indulges himself in some of the weirdest things. This book presents as astounding combination of stardom and its effects on the person.

If you are huge fan of Marilyn Manson’s music, you must read the book and you will start loving Manson even more.


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