Love Lovely Lady Gaga, an LGBT Activist and Many more

When one says women in rock music then certain things comes to mind. Some says rock music is hard for women to connect while some says there are fewer women influential rock artist in rock world when compared to men in the rock world.

Lady Gaga Blond

But one thing that breaks the monotony while proving all the women critics in the rock music world wrong with her unique style, mesmerizing beauty and tremendous talent is Lady Gaga. I don’t think there might be any person who knows the word rock music is unaware of this lovely lady legend – Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is a famous American rock artist, singer, actress, fashion designer, philanthropist, fashion designer, record producer, businesswoman, activist, dancer, songwriter and in short – A Rock Super Woman.

Stefani is well known with the name Lady Gaga. She was born in the year 1986 in New York City. During her service as songwriter for a record company Akon captured her excellent vocal abilities and offered her & finally signed her for his famous label known as Kon Live Distribution. She has been greatly influenced by Micheal Jackson, David Bowie and Queen.

She is well recognized for her diverse, flamboyant along with outré involvement in the rock music world through her unique fashion, music videos and incredible performances. Most importantly she has been among those celebrities who have used their fame for the welfare of people too. She has been involved with certain humanitarian causes as well as a famous LGBT activist.

Lady Gaga Speaks at National Equality March Rally

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