Linda Ronstadt Will Never Sing Again

The queen of million hearts and a legendary rock & roll singer – Linda Ronstadt has stated that she will never sing again. Though this news has broken millions of hearts of her fans but the reports are straight from Linda Ronstadt who said that she has been robbed off her melodious singing voice and will not sing again.

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Marie Ronstadt is one of the legendary & famous rock music singers from America. The beautiful diva, who is currently 67, has been a big name in the rock music world and has grabbed 11 Grammy awards, one Emmy award, one ALMA award, a Golden Globe award, 2 Academy of Country Music awards and numerous more awards and acclaims around the world due to her melodious singing voice that mesmerized the listener with its unique sensation. The diva recently stated that she will not be able to sing again and the reason is her disease – Parkinson’s disease which has robbed the diva of her sensational musical voice.

Linda told that when the problems arose earlier she thought it is due to some tick bite but when she got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she was stunned. Parkinson’s disease is a kind of degenerative disorder and Linda suspects that she might be having this disease for years. Parkinson’s disease is among those diseases which are very hard to be diagnosed at an early stage and according to neurologist, due to the symptoms Linda is showing, she might be suffering from this problem since last 7 to 8 years.

The disease’s bad effects on her body do not let her to sing as she used to earlier. This news is undoubtedly a very sad one for the Linda fans but at the same time prayers are always with this veteran diva.

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