Lead Guitarist from Slayer – Jeff Hanneman Dead at 49

Jeff Hanneman , the guitarist of heavy metal band “Slayer” , died on 2nd may ,2013. The band stated that he died of alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver and clearing Hanneman’s death related speculation that a rare flesh-eating infection, necrotizing fasciitis, that he believed he had contracted in 2011 due to a spider’s bite was the cause of his death. No one was aware of his liver condition until the last moment of his life excluding Hanneman and his close ones.

Jeff Hanneman

Hanneman was also the co- founder of The Slayer. He founded the band with the guitarist Kerry King. Kerry King said in our initial days lived in my father’s garage cum rehearsal space and we used to rehearse most of the time.

With Hanneman as the guitarist, Slayer was known as one of the “big four” thrash metal groups during 1980s, along with Anthrax, Metallica and Megadeth. Hanneman had written numerous great songs for the band but Raining Blood and Angel of Death from the 1986 album Reign in Blood were considered one of his greatest compositions.

Grief was expressed by fellow musicians with their tweets on twitter. Slash, guitarist in Guns’ n’ Roses, said, “Tragic and shocking news about Hanneman. He will be missed by many people. he also stated it to be a sad day for metal. While Andrew WK tweeted,”Jeff Hanneman will always be the metal god. Being a true master, he gave excitement and excitement to millions, and will always continue to”.

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