Is Rock Music Fading Away?

Rock Music has always been a core attraction especially for teenagers. This form of music is a genre of famous ‘Rock and Roll’. The legendary names like legendary Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Eric Burdon, Ray Charles, Howling Wolf, and Eddie Cochran just strike your heart & you can’t just leave without saying ‘wow what era was that?’.

Rock and Roll

Now that is an actual problem. A ‘What era was that?’ lead to a question in our mind that is rock music has faded away with time? Is rock music loosing away its audiences and lovers due to birth of other sorts of music genres? Is our new generation not that much fond of rock music as we used to be or people earlier to us were? Is it actually the twilight of this legendary music form?

Well if one looks at the sales polls of passed 201, the outcomes do compile the fact that rock music is fast trailing favor with the actual record buying communal. The other forms of music like rap music is holding their reign as the more admired & accepted music format today. But the question is still there that why rap music succeeds while rock music falters? Well one of the biggest reason could be the fact that rock music has taken a move from the local streets to the wide suburbs and that has cost it losing its edge. True emotions, passions and skill in rock music has now been majorly replaced with self focused acoustic buzz, shallow Hipster idiosyncrasy & whiney Emos. It is more a monetary thing than the true art.

Reasons can be many but the question & its answer is still very gloomy & depressing.

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