What Indie Rock Music Is All About

Rock music is like a big umbrella and includes many different genres. Indie Rock is a part of the rock genre called alternative rock and is one of the renowned form of rock music. It was during 1980s this diverse genre originated in parts of United Kingdom and United States.

It is a mixture of other sub-genres like indie pop, jangle pop, etc which were less familiar. The name Indie reflecting the meaning Independent was termed to support these less familiar bands. As a result, this independent musical freedom allowed people to recognise the musical significance of quiet unpopular sub genres. However, the musical inspiration for Indie rock appeared to have come from bands like Beatles, The Velvet Underground, etc.
The musical composition of Indie rock band used variable instruments that are not much popular and hence, the musical effect produced by them sounded different and approximate from what could be enjoyed with conventional music. The variable musical style combined in Indie rock were found to be British Punk, heavy metal, folk music, pop, etc. The themes of Indie rock music also differed from conventional poetry, lyrics and story.

One can see concept of pathos and life’s philosophy blended together in the theme of Indie rock compositions. By 2000, the changes faced by the music world, and the enormous growth of Internet, people came to know about Indie rock genre and that was the time when Indie rock team realized the complete commercial victory as a band.

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