Grebo – What that Is?

Grebo was a subculture of United Kingdom that came in for a short period of time. It was active in late 1980’s to early 1990’s. English midlands were the areas where it was mainly based.

In the north of England , Madchester group used to mix many different musical elements to develop Alternative Dances and in the same way the Grebo Bands used to mix different musical genres to develop a new form. Bands that indulged in this mixing practice used to blend Garage rock, alternative type of hip hop, rock, electronic and pop . This new kind of musical genre found support of the Gothic rock’s Post-punk roots. Bands like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat Itself and Carter USM (a London based band) and The Hunters Club, Crazyhead, Scum Pups, The Bomb Party also supported this genre. Some out of many popular songs of Grebo were “Grebo Guru” and “Oh Grebo I Think I Love You”.

Grebo Fashion

A Grebo fashion also came out in this period that was pretty famous too. Eccentric hats, army surplus clothing, scarfs, dreadlocks, leather bike jeans and jackets, high ponytail and moderately shaved heads, baggy clothing, lumberjack shirts, boots were some elements of the Grebo fashion.

Grebo was a moderate success in that short period and it influenced large number of later bands. Right after the end of Grebo era , Britpop, Grunge, Other Anglo-American bands era started. These were not inspired by Grebo but contained a few elements of it.

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