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Sublime is a famous Reggae Punk band of American origin. The band has its own unique style of music. You will get a vibrant mix of reggae vibes, punk rock and ska fun at Sublime. Formed in the year 1986, the band united the Southern California community with its exceptional taste of music. This band came up with something that was completely different from the other rock music prevalent at that time. The band started off with the lead members Eric Wilson, Bradley Nowell, and Bud Gaugh. Bradley Nowell guided the band on guitar and vocals, Eric Wilson handled the bass guitar and Bud Gaugh handled drums. Sublime have had their first show in their hometown Long Beach, California.

Sublime Band

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The band became the favorite choice for the teenagers. They made their way to the sublime store to collect the tracks for every party and occasion. Over the years, the band experienced uplift and formed their own label named Skunk Records in the year 1992. After having their own label, they recorded their debut album ‘40oz. To Freedom’. In the year 1995, the band received national attention due to the radio hit track ‘Date Rape’.

The band has released a total of eight albums out of which one is a live album, five are
compilation albums and three are the studio albums. On May 25, 1996, the lead vocalist and guitarist Bradley Nowell died of heroin overdose and the band slowed down a bit. In the year 2009, the band was reformed with a new entry of guitarist named Rome Ramirez.

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