Folk Rock – Folk Music or Rock Music

For those who are wondering how come Folk and Rock names can be used together, it is actually ‘Folk Rock’ and it is not any mistake. Folk rock is basically a unique kind of rock musical genre that very elegantly and uniquely combines together the rock music with the folk music. Well there has never been a sure shot answer to the actual origin of this exceptional form of rock music and neither anyone knows who originated it. But this exclusive genre was initiated widely by the band ‘The Byrds’, a band from the Los Angeles and that too around the 1960s era. This term ‘Folk Rock’ was first claimed on by music press from USA to simply portray band’s music. It was done in June 1965.

The Byrds

Folk rock genre acquired its original antecedents from The Beatles’ beat music, USA’s folk music restoration along with some other British incursion bands. Folk rock genre of rock music world may incline more toward rock or toward folk in its playing, its instrumentation or in its vocal style, or even in its preference of material.

Well this innovative embodiment of folk rock get directed to an eclectic & divergent style of famous electric folk that later on got famous as British folk rock and was pioneered during the late 60s era. Since then there have been five sun genres of this unique form of rock music genre.

These genres are:

  1. Country Folk
  2. Celtic rock
  3. Electric Folk
  4. Medieval folk rock
  5. British progressive folk rock

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