Drums – an Inseparable Part of Rock

Drums were used by military and Jazz music as a musical instrument initially. But soon the smaller drums evolved and took the form of a whole drum kit with time. Slowly and gradually drums became part of rock in 1960’s but were not very popular in the beginning.


The popularity of drums started picking up when the Beatles’s Ringo star on American television played Ludwig kit and when “Wipe out” was released of Surfaris in the early 1960s. After 1960s drums got bigger and their use & popularity increased in 1970s. In 1980s cymbals and large number of drums were used. Four piece basic drum standard was used by many drummers at the end of 21st century in indie music and popular music. As soon as the drums became eternal part of rock music, there were many people who started to modernize drums with electronic aid. In 21st century , electronics, found objects and auxiliary percussion instruments became Drum kit’s part and most drummers started using them. Then all sort of new electronics came into play and became very popular.

Some of the many greatest drummers who gave us many amazing performances are Neil Peart (Rush), Carl Palmer (ELP), Keith Moon (The Who),John Bonham(Led Zeppelin).
Elvis Presley’s “Don’t Be Cruel” (1956), The Rolling Stones “Paint It, Black” (1966), Fats Domino’s “I’m Walkin” (1957), The Who’s “A Quick One, While He’s Away” (1966) are few of many great rock songs which have shown us how drums became and are still an an inseparable part of Rock world.

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