Bob Marley: The Unforgettable Journey

Bob Marley is an inseparable part of music industry. Bob Marley is the name we all miss in the music industry. The era was gone, when Bob Marley & the Wailers used to be the honored performers of the reggae music. Bob Marley and his whole band have played a crucial role in exhibiting the Jamaican music before a worldwide audience. He was the first Jamaican artist to achieve the international stardom. Bob Marley was born in Nine Miles, in the outskirts of a small town named St. Ann.

Bob Marley Black and White Photo

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Marley was unlike the other music stars. Along with an international figure in reggae music, he was also a religious figure. Marley’s music was heavily influenced by the cultural and political issues of Jamaica. The album ‘Legend’ which was released three years after his death is the best selling album which got ten times platinum. More than 25 million copies of ‘Legend’ have been sold worldwide. In addition to his great devotion towards the reggae music, he was the member of the Rastafari movement.

The band Bob Marley & the Wailers was formed when the Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and
Hubert Winston McIntosh met together, and shared their music ideas and knowledge. The last concert by the band was held on 23rd September 1980 before Bob died of cancer. Although Bob Marley left the world too early, but the fine tunes of the reggae music still flows in the heart of his fans in his memory.

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