Some Interesting Facts about the Black Sabbath Band

1960s and 1970s were the golden ears for rock music and it was the time when many new rock bands were formed. It was in 1968 a new English rock band was formed in Birmingham which was named as Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath

There were many popular artists who stood behind the formation of this band such as guitarist Tony lommi, Ozzy Obsbourne the singe, and drummer Bill Ward. As years went on the band saw many transformations therefore lead to replacement of artists, however it was Tony lommi whose presence could be seen for a long term.

Chronological factors reveal that after quite a few transitions in name the term Black Sabbath came into existence. For instance, earlier in 1968 this band was called as The Polka Tulk Band and also as Polka Tulka Blues Band, however people associated them as Earths blues band for the team in Sabbath blues black were more frequently played.

Meanwhile, another band that toured England with the name called Earth; this led to certain ambiguities in booking another band in the place of Sabbath. The consecutive performances that were not up to the expectations of the audiences were felt to be a result of misunderstanding in identical band names. This is one of the major reasons for the artists of Black Sabbath to select the Black Sabbath as their brand name which was also found to be unique. Black Sabbath stayed unique from that time onward however, transition of artists was found to be unavoidable in their team.

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