Linda Ronstadt Will Never Sing Again

The queen of million hearts and a legendary rock & roll singer – Linda Ronstadt has stated that she will never sing again. Though this news has broken millions of hearts of her fans but the reports are straight from Linda Ronstadt who said that she has been robbed off her melodious singing voice and will not sing again.

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Marie Ronstadt is one of the legendary & famous rock music singers from America. The beautiful diva, who is currently 67, has been a big name in the rock music world and has grabbed 11 Grammy awards, one Emmy award, one ALMA award, a Golden Globe award, 2 Academy of Country Music awards and numerous more awards and acclaims around the world due to her melodious singing voice that mesmerized the listener with its unique sensation. The diva recently stated that she will not be able to sing again and the reason is her disease – Parkinson’s disease which has robbed the diva of her sensational musical voice.

Linda told that when the problems arose earlier she thought it is due to some tick bite but when she got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she was stunned. Parkinson’s disease is a kind of degenerative disorder and Linda suspects that she might be having this disease for years. Parkinson’s disease is among those diseases which are very hard to be diagnosed at an early stage and according to neurologist, due to the symptoms Linda is showing, she might be suffering from this problem since last 7 to 8 years.

The disease’s bad effects on her body do not let her to sing as she used to earlier. This news is undoubtedly a very sad one for the Linda fans but at the same time prayers are always with this veteran diva.

Review of the book The Beach Boys Silver Anniversary by John Milward

Silver Anniversary BookWhat comes in mind when we say “The Beach Boys” – legends, Icons, Great Rock Artists, Rock Music Kings or many more such great names? The Beach Boys is one of the world’s most influential, popular and legendary rock music band which ruled the hearts of its fans for several decades and became (& still are) inspiration for millions. Today we are reviewing one of the books that have been written on this legendary rock band – The Beach Boys Silver Anniversary written by John Milward.

The book was written by John Milward and published in the year 1985. The book came out as a tribute to the band’s 25th anniversary, a landmark only a few rock bands have been able to hit in the history. The book covers various aspects of the Beach Boys’ life. Numerous photographs have been personally added to the book keeping in mind the requisites of a fan while buying it.

The Beach Boys

The book is nice and interesting to read but also faces some errors especially there are some incorrect information in this book which proves out to be the major drawback for it. Secondly the approach of writing by John Milward is quite boring leaving the readers moan and groan.

So as a fan if you looking for a book to have historical information about the Beach Boys, this is not the one but if you want to enjoy reading about the band, this is worth a read especially due to the photographs of the band members it has in it.

Interesting Facts about Yellowcard (Rock Band)

Yellowcard is an American pop punk rock band that was formed in 1997, in Florida, U.S. Ryan Key, Ryan Mendez, Sean Mackin, Longineu W.parsons III and Josh Portman are the present members of the Yellowcard band although it was not the original line-up of the band. We have come up with some unknown facts about Yellowcard.

Yellowcard Band
Here you go

  1. In 1997, Midget Tossing band’s first album was released and their subsequent album Where We Stand was featured on the same schedule as the first one.
  2. Soon after the release of their second album, Ryan Key was the new entry in the band and he replaced Ben Dobson, which has entirely changed the band style. It became pop punk from hardcore.
  3. In the beginning of 2000, band recorded and released their album Still Stand EP and soon in June 2000, they signed their debut soundtrack agreement.
  4. One for the kids was their third album and released in 2001 and The Underdog EP their next album released soon after. Both albums earned huge popularity.
  5. From the album, “Way Away” The band released their first single.
  6. In late 2003, the band released a hit single, “Ocean Avenue”. The premier of the song telecasted on MTV’s TRL program and quickly after it attained No. 1 position in the music charts.
  7. In the beginning of 2005, Yellowcard took a few months off. Peter Mosely and Ryan Key moved to New York City to write the songs for their upcoming album.

Review of the book the ‘Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back’ by White

Today we are reviewing the book The Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back’ written by Mr. White, a renowned writer. The Everly Brothers are one of the most famous rock music singers & brothers and a band with only two of them as performers. The Everly Brothers were widely accredited for their steel string guitar along with harmony singing. The duo got inducted in “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” in the year 1986. The book ‘The Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back’ written by Mr. White is the life story & journey of these two brothers in the rock music world.

Everly Brothers

This book by White is a result of extensive interviews that the writer has done with this duo. The result is the book which provides in depth information regarding the 15 year career of the brothers along with portraying a light on their personal aspects. The book beautifully covers the duo’s personalities, similarities and dissimilarities with each other, their outlook on music and life and many other factors they face on daily basis.

But there are some flaws which can be ignored in general but as a hardcore fan, it becomes hard to avoid them. The book could have got more in-depth insight to our duo’s life making it perfect for hardcore fans of the Everly Brothers.

But that does not mean that book should not be given a try. There are many things that will fascinate the fans in this book specially the little unknown & rare known facts about these brothers. So a must read from my side.

Review of Book ‘U2 by U2’ by U2 and Neil McCormick

U2 by U2‘U2 by U2’ is a book written by none other than U2, the famous rock music band which was formulated in the year 1976 and is basically an Irish rock band. The book is co-authored by childhood friend of band members and a much-admired music journalist Neil McCormick. This book is a result of hard dwelling by Neil McCormick since he spent total of 150 hours with the band getting each & every details of their lives, their vision, feelings and future aspects. Today we will be reviewing this book ‘U2 by U2’. So here is the review.

Since I am a big U2 fan and I was quite excited to have this book. The book is written incredibly since while reading I felt as if band members are sitting in front of me and telling their stories in their famous & much loved musical tone. Every word is charismatic, mesmerizing and leaves the reader bewitchered with its charm. Every page is beautifully laced up with amiable and appreciable anecdotes. The book incorporates loads of pictures of U2 that are rare to find.

u2 band

I would strongly recommend it to all hardcore fans of U2 since this is the best one you will ever get if you want to have a close insight to the U2. I won’t recommend this to those people who are always in a rush to finish the book and would want this book to finish within a week. It is a masterpiece which needs to be read slowly like we enjoy classic music.

Review of the Album Nemesis by the Stratovarius Band

Nemesis Album CoverOne of the leading rock bands in the rock music world is Stratovarius. The band which was formed in the year 1984 and crafted total of 15 studio albums in their career span takes inspiration and follow the genres of power metal as well as symphonic metal. This year on 22nd of February, the band came up with new studio album with the name Nemesis. Today we will be reviewing this new launched album of the Stratovarius. Here is the review –

Well this new much awaited album is a bit tough album to get grip on. Undoubtedly this one is more energetic than the band’s last album but it is at the same time quite more fruity, symphonic and puffed up with sound effects & distracting keyboards. The music is both fast but less heavy when compared with the last album of the band – Elysium. The album is over filled with some flat and generic material that is a big turn off and fails to impress heavily. The overblown musical sound effects just make me feel puke as if my ears will fall out heavily.

Stratovarius Band

I have always loved Stratovarius due to their some exceptional bombastic performances and I was heavily waiting for this one but it turns out to be a failure for me and other Stratovarius fans. The music is quite weak and watered down with everything making listener feel toothless and down. Well much was awaited from Stratovarius but the outcome was not even half of their reputation. It could have been far more better.

Interesting facts about David Vanian

In Hemel Hempstead, England, David Vanian was born on 12 October 1956. “The Damned” was the punk rock band and he is a main singer and rock musician for this and which was formed in 1976 in London. Here are some interesting facts about David Vanian.

David Vanian

  1. The original name of David Vanian is David Lett. David Vanian is the most invasive element of the band. Before turning to a musician, he was gravedigger but soon he realized that he should be in the music world.
  2. The Damned were the first British punk band to release a single full length disc, an album. It hit records in the UK charts with amazing punk rock tracks.
  3. David Vanian often dressed up in dark clothing and white makeup while performing on stage to showcase how deeply he is influenced with gothic fashion.
  4. A Screen show was anchored by him on channel Rockworld TV which is UK-based TV. In response to this and to win prizes for horror films, many audiences sent their videos.
  5. In Cambridge, he and Captain Sensible came in to the controversy related to the incident of Christmas lights.
  6. For movie a movie, he composed the amazing sound track in 2009.
  7. In 1977, before joining Dammed, he was married to Laurie, his first wife. In Mid 1990, they got separated.
  8. After some time of their separation, he married to Patricia Morrison. Emily Vanian born in 2004 and Patrica Morrision was her mother.

Dave Vanian interview

A Preface to Breakcore

Breakcore, which is a very different genre of music is gradually becoming popular these days. With the use of breaks, heavy kick drums and high tempo music, came an electronic dance music style called Breakcore. It was majorly influenced by drums & bass, hardcore techno, industrial and digital hardcore music.

BreakcoreAlthough there are several imperative aspects of this form of music, but drum work is the most essential quality of Breakcore. This kind of music is characterized by high BPM sounds generated with the manipulation of hip hop breaks and other classical jungle & Amen breaks. However, there are no certain protocols for playing Breakcore. Every musician applies his own technique, for example: some favor cut up and rearrange breaks while some use loop breaks & twists. Some even use chorus and delay other effects to vary break’s timber.

Breakcore is generally known for sampling different sounds from whole music world, to put up fast paced and frantic nature of rhythmic section. Melodically speaking there is nothing that can specifically define Breakcore.

Breakcore is understood by different artists differently. Music artists always keep on shifting and branching center on complex drums and melodic progressions like Mochipet while some even prefer center on heavy metal, hardcore breakbeats.

The Destroyer was the first well-known Breakcore album that was composed by Alec Empire. Many Breakcore artists came around the beginning of twentieth century with traditional techniques to compose harmonies and melodies. Hecate, Qüatros, Venetian Snares, Benn Jordan are few of many growing musicians who have indulged themselves with this form of music.

A Preface to STP (Stone Temple Pilots)

One of the most famous and widely accredited rock music bands of 90s era was Stone Temple Pilots or shortly referred to as STP. STP is still contributing admirably to the wide rock music world. The band is an American rock music band from California’s San Diego. The band was formed in the year 1986 with name Mighty Joe Young but later on changed the name to Stone Temple Pilots. Though the debut album of the band came out in the year 1992, but the band acclaimed its immense global fame & success in the year 1993 and hence becoming one of the most commercially famous bands of era of 90s.

Stone Temple Pilots

The band incepted with five members – bassist Robert DeLeo, guitarist Dean DeLeo, drummer Eric Kretz, lead vocalist Chester Bennington and vocalist Scott Weiland. But Scott Weiland left the band in this year (2013) and band has got Bennington as a replacement. The band’s music genre is highly appreciated by fans. The music genre & style of music used by Stone Temple Pilots is a unique blending of two music genres of rock music – alternate rock as well as hard rock. The band is famous for always coming up uniquely with an exceptional blend of these two genres. The band ‘Aerosmith’ is supposed to be the core inspiration for the band.

Stone Temple Pilots with its music and cool style has become an iconic band for youngsters as well as many younger rock bands. Even the ‘Chris Daughtry’ is a self proclaimed fan of the band admitting taking inspiration from the band and its style.

Notes on Curtis Mayfield’s Biography – The Legend

Curtis Lee Mayfield was one of the most famous rock music artists and highly accredited globally for his contribution to the rock music world. He was an American rock music funk singer, R&B, songwriter as well as a record producer. Curtis is highly accredited as instigate of politically cognizant African – American as well as funk music. Along with being world renowned rock music artist he was also an appreciable multi-instrument player. The instruments he had expertise include bass, guitar, piano, drums and saxophone.

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis was widely known & valued for introducing social awareness in society with R&B as well as African-American music. He also wrote songs that protested against political & social inequality. But the critically as well as commercially acclaimed peak came to his career with his music work ‘Super Fly’ that took him to higher level of success and fame. ‘Super Fly’ is still considered one of the most super influential African-American music works till date.

Curtis had got numerous honors and awards for his impeccable contribution in the rock music world. Some of these achievements include Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Legend Award and a double induction into the famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was also a two time inductee of Grammy Hall of Fame. He was honored as one of the 100 Greatest Artists of all times.
In the year 1990, Mayfield had a stage accident which caused paralyses to his body below the neck. He became unable to play guitar but he continued writing songs, singing and directing them. Curtis died due to diabetes in the year 1999.