Anthony Kiedis’ Autobiography Book Review: Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue BookSacr Tissue is the autobiography of the Anthony Kiedis who is the vocalist of the legendary band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has written about his whole life experience in this book right from his birth to the early 2004. There is a lot about his drug addiction and his fight to get over it. This book acquired the top spot in the New York Times Best Seller List. If you browse you will get this book in the top five bestselling books on most book selling websites as per user rating.

Review of Scar Tissue:

There is no doubt that you will find this book interesting in the rock music genre. Some readers had amazing experience reading the book. Tjis book brings forward a very close look on the vocalist Kiedis’s life. Though the subject matter is little disturbing, but it is easy to read and understand. Although it’s a real life story but you will find it so interesting that you will finish reading it quite early. This book is packed with garish details of ill-advised sexual escapades and drug use.

It is an engaging book that crafts a plot right in from of your eyes, where you can see what you are reading. Some even mentioned that, I had put the book down for a moment as I was having nightmares where Anthony Kiedis was chasing me because he thought I had his drugs.

So, if you love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this book would be irresistible for you.

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