Aerosmith: The Best Selling American Rock Band

Aerosmith, the famous American rock band is originated at Boston, Massachusetts. Do you know the band is also referred to as the ‘America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band’ and ‘The Bad Boys from Boston’. If your choice list includes anyone of the following namely hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock and glam metal; then this band is for you. The band started off as the Jam band in 1970 with Joe Perry as the guitarist and Tom Hamilton handling the bass. Later on, singer Steven Tyler, guitarist Ray Tabano and drummer Joey Kramer were added forming the Aerosmith. Especially the hard rock and glam metal of this band are amazingly good.

Aerosmith Band

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Aerosmith has sold more than 150 million albums worldwide, out of which 66.5 million were sold in the United States alone. It is the best selling rock band of American origin holding the honor for the most multi-platinum and gold albums by an American group. In addition, the award inventory of Aerosmith includes four Grammy awards, ten MTV Video Music Awards, and a total of 21 top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

Recently, the band hit the floor at the Staples Center showcasing their new album Music From Another Dimension. Aerosmith rocked the night with the classic rock titles. The show went like a roller coaster after Cheap Trick started with the band’s biggest hits namely the Dream Police and Surrender. The show was really worth watching.

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