A Preface to STP (Stone Temple Pilots)

One of the most famous and widely accredited rock music bands of 90s era was Stone Temple Pilots or shortly referred to as STP. STP is still contributing admirably to the wide rock music world. The band is an American rock music band from California’s San Diego. The band was formed in the year 1986 with name Mighty Joe Young but later on changed the name to Stone Temple Pilots. Though the debut album of the band came out in the year 1992, but the band acclaimed its immense global fame & success in the year 1993 and hence becoming one of the most commercially famous bands of era of 90s.

Stone Temple Pilots

The band incepted with five members – bassist Robert DeLeo, guitarist Dean DeLeo, drummer Eric Kretz, lead vocalist Chester Bennington and vocalist Scott Weiland. But Scott Weiland left the band in this year (2013) and band has got Bennington as a replacement. The band’s music genre is highly appreciated by fans. The music genre & style of music used by Stone Temple Pilots is a unique blending of two music genres of rock music – alternate rock as well as hard rock. The band is famous for always coming up uniquely with an exceptional blend of these two genres. The band ‘Aerosmith’ is supposed to be the core inspiration for the band.

Stone Temple Pilots with its music and cool style has become an iconic band for youngsters as well as many younger rock bands. Even the ‘Chris Daughtry’ is a self proclaimed fan of the band admitting taking inspiration from the band and its style.

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