A Preface to Breakcore

Breakcore, which is a very different genre of music is gradually becoming popular these days. With the use of breaks, heavy kick drums and high tempo music, came an electronic dance music style called Breakcore. It was majorly influenced by drums & bass, hardcore techno, industrial and digital hardcore music.

BreakcoreAlthough there are several imperative aspects of this form of music, but drum work is the most essential quality of Breakcore. This kind of music is characterized by high BPM sounds generated with the manipulation of hip hop breaks and other classical jungle & Amen breaks. However, there are no certain protocols for playing Breakcore. Every musician applies his own technique, for example: some favor cut up and rearrange breaks while some use loop breaks & twists. Some even use chorus and delay other effects to vary break’s timber.

Breakcore is generally known for sampling different sounds from whole music world, to put up fast paced and frantic nature of rhythmic section. Melodically speaking there is nothing that can specifically define Breakcore.

Breakcore is understood by different artists differently. Music artists always keep on shifting and branching center on complex drums and melodic progressions like Mochipet while some even prefer center on heavy metal, hardcore breakbeats.

The Destroyer was the first well-known Breakcore album that was composed by Alec Empire. Many Breakcore artists came around the beginning of twentieth century with traditional techniques to compose harmonies and melodies. Hecate, Qüatros, Venetian Snares, Benn Jordan are few of many growing musicians who have indulged themselves with this form of music.

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