A Brief Story of the Black Sabbath Band

Black Sabbath – Every fan of rock music world must be aware of this name. This article is to provide a heartily tribute to this one of the most famous rock bands of the time. Black Sabbath was a popular English rock music band. The band was formulated in the year 1969 in the Birmingham. The original creators of this band incorporated Tony Iommi as guitarist, Geezer Butler as bassist, Bill Ward as drummer and Ozzy Osbourne as singer. But in current scenario, the only person from these creators, who is still in the band, is Tony Iommi. This bans was actually named Earth but it was renamed afterwards as Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath

The band was different from other rock bands of the time due to its occult themes, tuned-down guitars and most importantly horror enthused lyrics. Moreover they also focused on composing songs that were dedicated to subjects like political corruption, social instability, and dangers associated with drug abuse along with apocalyptic divination related with the revulsions of war. Black Sabbath is quoted as the actual pioneers of the popular heavy metal. This is because this band is considered to help defining the heavy metal genre of rock music with their releases like Paranoid which was a quadruple-platinum. This
famous album was released in the year 1970; just one year after Black Sabbath band was formulated. Black Sabbath was also ranked as the ‘Greatest Metal Band’ of the time by the MTV. This band was inducted in Rock & Roll Hall of fame in US in the year 2006 while in UK’s Hall of fame in the year 2005.

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