8 Interesting Facts about ‘Muse’ Band

One of the most famous rock bands of the era of 2000s is Muse band. They are an English rock & roll music band from Devon. The band was originated in the year 1994 and comprised of three members – Christopher Wolstenholme, Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard.

Muse Band
Well there are numerous unknown facts about the band Muse and some of them are mentioned below. Have a look at the most interesting yet unknown facts about the band muse.

  1. Muse believes in quality not in quantity. So far in the career span of more than 19 years, they have released just 5 studio albums.
  2. Father of Matthew Bellamy was also a musician. He was part of The Tornados, a well known rock band from 60s.
  3. The youngest member of the band is Christopher Wolstenholme. He was just 16 (born in 1978) when the band was formed.
  4. Dominic Howard, the drummer of the band is left handed while other two are right handed.
  5. Muse has won several awards all the way through their bright career. The awards include the prestigious ones like 5 Q Awards, 5 MTV Europe Music Awards, 8 NME Awards, 4 Kerrang! awards and 2 BRIT awards.
  6. This band is among very few bands that have never changed their band members ever since their inception in the rock music world.
  7. All the band members of Muse have received Honorary Doctorates of Arts in the year 2008 from the University of Plymouth.
  8. The earlier name chosen for the band was ‘Rocket Baby Dolls’ but later on they changed it to Muse.

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