7 Interesting Facts about Bono

Bono is a famous rock singer of the world renowned band U2. Below are given some of the interesting yet unknown facts about the life of Bono that you may not know.




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  1. Bono was not an admirer of the band name, U2. Though Bono achieved immense success and fame via this band but still he never liked it. This name was suggested by the album sleeve of the band – Steve Averill.
  2. Bono is the only people who has been nominated for an Oscar, a Grammy award, a Golden Globe and guess what for Nobel Prize (Peace) too.
  3. Well not all know but if you are using Facebook, that somehow belongs to Bono. Bono is officially 1.5% stake holder of Facebook. That 1.5% only sums up to $1 billion.
  4. Bono was named by 24/7 Wall Street as ‘worst investor in America’ but of course prior to the investment he made in Facebook.
  5. Bono has portrayed a firm example of being in one relationship before the world. Bono has been married to Ali for almost 30 years. He has four kids Jordan, Elijah, Memphis and John.
  6. Bono was unlucky with his mother since he lost her at the age of 14 only. Many of his songs are inspired by his late mom, Iris.
  7. Bono is not only a writer, musician and an actor. He is a great Humanitarian too. That is why he was chosen for Nobel Peace Prize and was name ‘Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.’

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