7 Famous Artists with Sad Childhood

SadRock music’s good side has always been associated with name, fame, reputation, high status, money and luxurious life style of rock artists. On bad side it gets associated with drugs, abusive language, crimes, violence, drinking, smoking etc. But have you ever wondered about the ‘Sad’ side of rock music world and people associated with it?
Sad side is not about the bad side of drugs, abusive language or criminal record. It is associated with the sad, depressing and heartrending part of lives of our rock artists. If you are still wondering over it, then do have a good look over the facts provided below which portrays some of the bad incidents of rock artist’s lives.

  1. The present rock legend, one of biggest pop icon present today, the legendary lady Gaga had a rough childhood. She used to be persistently bullied by boys of her school. Once they even throw her in dumpster.
  2. The well-known Eminem had a very sad past. Her mother used to abuse her constantly over her childhood.
  3. The same is the story of DMX whose mother was also abusive.
  4. Mary J Blige was molested and raped as a kid, something that could almost devastate one’s life.
  5. Ed Sheeran was homeless and did not have any money before getting famous.
  6. One of the legends of rock music world, Kurt Cobain had a miserable youth. He was homeless for some time and had to live under bridges for some time.
  7. Famous singer Fantasia story is one of the worst one. She grew up in some rural community. She was very poor and also got teenage pregnancy. Moreover she never got to learn reading & writing until she got famous.

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