5 Women Who are Shaping the Rock World in a Different Way

Women have contributed in the wide rock music world same way as the men have. One can debate over the contribution of women in the rock music world but the fact will remain the unchanged that women have equally contributing in taking the rock music world to newer heights.

Women in Rock

Women have blended sophisticatedly their sex appeals, their awesome attitude along with talent and enormously excellent & melodious vocals. Today the rock world is filled with famous rock ladies like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga but even the past was full of such incredibly talented & devoted ladies. But this article emphasizes on
those five names that are simply shaping the modern rock music world in a different way with their dedication, talent and beauty.

These five gorgeous ladies were – Amy Lee, Taylor Momsen, Nina Diaz, Kelly Ogden and Lazzy Hale. Amy Lee has got gothic look with inexplicable personality that simply makes her look sexy. Her cool performance & vocals sound as if she is performing in the opera. Taylor Momsen’s stage charisma works as if an exotic dancer plus her attire complements her sweet behavior. Her voice is raspy, crisp, and loud in a unique manner. Nina Diaz is a multi talented diva. She is the only guitarist of the band. Though Nina
is quite shy on stage yet she has cool attitude that is unbeatable, not to forget her incredible ability to write songs too.

Kelly Ogden also plays guitar along with singing. She is innocent yet sexy fun girl with an attitude of having fun all the time. Lazzy Hale is well known more as Chris Cornell’s female version due to the way she organizes the audiences with her sex appeal.

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