5 Interesting, yet Strange Facts about Rock n Roll Music

Have you ever considered about some strange and unusual things that have happened in the lives of our favorite rock artists ever? Well there are numerous but some of the most interesting yet strange facts about rock & roll are described below.

Rock and Roll

Have a good look:

  1. One of the most famous heavy metal rock genre guitarists, legendary Dave Mustane was actually a drug dealer before he became a rock artist. He came to know about the rock genre heavy metal by one of his drug clients who used to work in some music shop. The customer gave Dave some music instead of cash. Dave liked it on first glance and thus heading towards the road of becoming one of the most famous guitarists of rock music world.
  2. James Hetfield is Irish as well as German, Scottish and English. He created his famous song ‘Nothing Else Matters’ because of his father’s death. His mother died since she refused straight forwardly to take on medicines of cancer disease by being truly faithful to the Christian beliefs. That is the reason why James created the song ‘The God that Failed’.
  3. There is another interesting fact about James. James once left his band during a live recording of a song for just having a drink. Moreover he once almost got burnt onstage alive.
  4. All of the Ratt’s songs, each & every song, are about girls. They all are focused over girls.
  5. Iron maiden actually took a trip & that too around the globe which was called ‘The Flight 666’ which is basically considered Satanic.

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