3 Most Unusual Musical Instruments Review

Musical instruments are something with which we get introduced since our childhood. Most of us are aware with many of the popular musical instruments but there are few unusual instruments in music which are least popular. Following are three of the most unusual music instruments:

1. Bazantar


Bazantar is a five string double bass musical instrument which has been specifically designed to produce the sympathetic sound. It comprises of four drone strings, melodic range which includes five octaves and also has 29 sympathetic strings. This instrument is specially designed for withstanding the increased amount of string tension.

2. Music saw

Music Saw Image

Who would have imagines that a tool from the workman’s toolset can become a musical instrument. A music saw is a musical instrument that is used to produce the haunting sound of a woman’s voice when it is played in its regular ethereal tone. The use of music saw was done by Alfred Schnittke in many of his musical works. This musical instrument is classified in the category of an idiophone as per the Hornbostel-Sachs’s musical instruments classification system.

3. Stalacpipe Organ

Stalacpipe Organ

Last but not the least is the world’s largest musical instrument which is known as Great Stalacpipe Organ. It is located in the Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This great instrument is spread over three and half acres and produces the harmonic sounds when its stalactites are tapped electronically by the rubber tipped mallets. This magnificent musical instrument was invented by LeIand W. Sprinkle in 1954.

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