3 Doors Down – An Indispensable Contribution to the Music & World

There are numerous bands that have contributed to the Rock Music world since emergence of Rock n Roll in the early 1950s. All bands have got their own features, genre, style that makes them different from each other. Some bands attain positive fame while may be some believe in negative fame.

3 Doors Down

One such band that has gained immense popularity but in positive side and has made an indispensable contribution to the world of music is ‘3 Doors Down’. 3 Doors Down is basically an America based Rock music band. The band was originally formulated in the year 1996. The band first consisted of three members – Todd Harell as the bass player, Brad Arnold as the drums & vocals in charge and Matt Roberts as the guitar player. Later on Chris Henderson was introduced to the band.

The band’s first studio album was the 11th best selling music album of the year in 2000. This album was ‘The Better Life’ & sold more than 3 million copies. Till date 3 Doors Down have went on selling 20 million albums worldwide. The band got their immense international fame with ‘Kryptonite’ which was charted in the Billboard Hot 100. With all these advancements in the Rock Music, the band also contributed effectually for the world benefit. The band started ‘The Better Life Foundation (TBLF)’ in the year 2003 that focused on the aim of giving as much kids as possible a good life. This movement of 3 Doors Down has really made an eminent contribution in endowing a better life to children while portraying their commendable gesture towards working for the betterment of society.

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