27 Club – You Should Know That this Is

All those who have been a hard core rock music world fans must be aware of a term ’27 Club’. This is a quite famous yet tragic term that revolves around the rock world ever since rock music world attain its popularity.

27 Club

27 Club’ is a special kind of club which no one would like to be a part of or get associated via any mean. But what is ’27 Club’? Killing the suspense this article explains what basically this tragic ’27 Club is’? ’27 Club’ is basically a term which refers to all the famous rock musicians who passed away when they were 27 years of age (or even before). The major legendary names that have taken place in this tragic ’27 Club’ includes Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and also Amy Winehouse.

These were the rock musicians who attained immense name, fame and popularity in their short life span, influenced the world with their presence but left the world cry without them at the age of just 27. These names also gave rise to an unusual idea that untimely deaths at such a young age are abnormally common. The ‘27 Club’ has been cited time after time in numerous music journals, magazines along with the daily press. Numerous exhibitions have also been dedicated to this idea along with stage plays, novels and also in some films. Some have even come up with some certain speculations as well as some theories about the reasons of such premature deaths and some have always been looking for some possible connections but no one has a precise answer yet.

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