Ethereal Wave – An Insight

GothEthereal wave, in US is known as Ethereal Goth while in Europe is well liked as Ethereal Dark ware. It is an explicit expression that portrays Dark Wave music’s subgenre in the wide rock music world. As the consequence of gothic rock it was developed in 1983. Bands like Dead can Dance and Cocteau chiefly represented Ethereal commendably.

Characteristic of this type of music is use of the atmospheric guitar soundscapes, counting sound effects such as delay and echo. A second characteristic feature is the utilization of high register female vocals and breathy males frequently by hard-to-decipher poetic content. The background music can either be soundscape or electronic oriented. At present it is a small dissection of music and the public who is fond of this kind of music are called Goths.

There are some overlaps between shoegazing, Ethernal Wave and dream pop, comprising many artists which are intensely influenced by Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, 4ad bands plus Siouxsie and the Banshees and All About eve.

It is robustly linked with Projekt label. Some extra labels featuring some leading lights of this movement are Yvy Records, Tess Records and Middle Pillar.
Some Notable artists

  • Autumn
  • Aenima
  • Autumn’ Grey Solace
  • Area
  • Dark orange
  • Black Tape for a Blue Girls
  • Dead Can Dance
  • Cocteau Twins
  • Lisa Gerrard
  • Faith and Disease
  • Loveliescrushing
  • Groupe Obscur
  • Love Spirals Downwards
  • Mors syphiclitica
  • Sigur Ros
  • Lycia
  • Siddal
  • Stare
  • Ostia
  • Soul Whirling Somewhere
  • This Mortal Coil
  • Tearwave
  • Trance to the Sun
  • This Ascension

Rock Music Instruments

Rock InstrumentThere isn’t any convincing response in the debate about which was the first record of rock and roll, but there isn’t any quarrel about the importance of musical instruments in rock music world especially in the last half of 20th century. Simply saying, rock music is put up around four fundamental instruments which the rock era feels inseparable from. These are -

  • Electric Bass – History of Electric bass is directly parallel to the rock age. In the era of 1950, great Leo Fender created the first bass. His instruments were so dominant that some were known as “fender basses” so that they could be differentiated from other acoustic basses.
  • Guitar – There isn’t actually any other identical instrument similar to electric guitar with rock music. Formerly it was developed to be noticed next to louder acoustic instruments, the different sound of the amplifier but the electric guitar turned out to be a focal peak of rock style. Acoustic guitars still remains a significant musical instrument in spite of the significance of electric guitar.
  • Keyboards – Organs and Pianos are rendezvous to the premature time of rock. It was quickly pursued by the electric pianos similar to the Wurlitzer and Rhodes. In the era of 1960s, synthesizers developed it and it became well liked rapidly and in the untimely ‘80s it defined a complete genre
  • Drums – The fundamental kit comprises of snare and bass drums, hi hat, two or more tom-toms and cymbals. Additional drumming instruments like tambourine, cow bells, gongs and shakers are frequently added to permit the drummer so that he can cover broad range of style and sound.

Guns N’ Roses – A Preface

No, we are not actually talking about guns and roses here. It is actually one of the most famous American rock bands that adapted the hard rock genre. The band was formed in the year 1985 in the Los Angeles, USA. The classical listing at that time when band was signed incorporated lead guitarist Slash, vocalist Axl Rose along with Steven Adler as drummer, Duff McKagan as bassist and Izzy Stradlin as rhythm guitarist. The band signed their first contract with famous Geffen Records in the year 1986. But in present scenario, only Axl Rose is among the originated band members to be a part of the band Guns N’ Roses.

Guns and Roses Young

Guns N’ Roses have always been heavily accredited for revitalizing the conventional popularity & recognition of actual rock music especially at such a time when well-liked music was mainly subjugated as well as dominated by pop metal & dance music.

The band has earned the nickname – “The Most Dangerous Band in the World” due to the reputation they crafted in the world. Actually the band is well known for bringing forth the “hedonistic rebelliousness” evocativeness of the early on Rolling Stones during the era of 80s and 90s. Moreover the band also got a reputed chance of lifetime when they were inducted in the rock music world’s milestone – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It was done in the year 2012. The band’s original classical band members along with later joined members Reed as well as Matt Sorum were inducted with this prestigious honor and that too in their first year of eligibility.

Oi Movement! Oi Is a Subgenre of Punk Rock

What does come to your mind when you read this Oi! For those who have been hardcore rock music fans can answer. But if you don’t know the answer let us answer that for you. Oi! is basically associated to punk rock genre of rock music. It is punk rock music’s sub genre and was originated in the golden era of 70s in the UK.

Oi Punk

The major core aim of this sub genre was to explicitly bring together in order to blend the music along with stylish sub culture of skin heads, punks and other sort of working class young generation. The Oi! movement took the world with a huge drift with its uniqueness. The ubiquitous philosophy of the true Oi! movement was considered a rough trademark of rebellion nature & thoughts of the working class people.

The major reason behind such a success of golden Oi! movement was considered different by different people depending upon their perceptive. For some people Oi! movement was simply like stylish university populace who used long words for simply trying to be creative while for some it shared several similarities with the folk music and for some Oi! was simply a blending of quaint in a number of respects while rudimentary in others with a brutal honesty since it tells a unique story that was based upon truth. Critics also associated Oi! movement with racism while using it for political considerations but all these negatives could not affect the popularity and high in demand of Oi! rock music among people especially youngsters.
The 4 Skins – Plastic Gangster

27 Club – You Should Know That this Is

All those who have been a hard core rock music world fans must be aware of a term ’27 Club’. This is a quite famous yet tragic term that revolves around the rock world ever since rock music world attain its popularity.

27 Club

27 Club’ is a special kind of club which no one would like to be a part of or get associated via any mean. But what is ’27 Club’? Killing the suspense this article explains what basically this tragic ’27 Club is’? ’27 Club’ is basically a term which refers to all the famous rock musicians who passed away when they were 27 years of age (or even before). The major legendary names that have taken place in this tragic ’27 Club’ includes Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and also Amy Winehouse.

These were the rock musicians who attained immense name, fame and popularity in their short life span, influenced the world with their presence but left the world cry without them at the age of just 27. These names also gave rise to an unusual idea that untimely deaths at such a young age are abnormally common. The ‘27 Club’ has been cited time after time in numerous music journals, magazines along with the daily press. Numerous exhibitions have also been dedicated to this idea along with stage plays, novels and also in some films. Some have even come up with some certain speculations as well as some theories about the reasons of such premature deaths and some have always been looking for some possible connections but no one has a precise answer yet.

Roskilde Festival of Denmark

The Denmark’s Roskilde music festival is one the major musical annual event that is looked forward by music fans, especially rock music fans every year. It is usually held in early July every year and offers amazing variety of outdoor music, live performances and entertainment.

Roskilde Festival

The Mud of Roskilde Festival in 2004

This festival begun in 1971 and since then every year it is attracting more and more fans. In the recent years it has been observed that more than 150 bands perform every year and attract approx 1 lac visitors.

The visitors get entertained to the fullest and the atmosphere during the music festival is truly astonishing. Visitors get to enjoy the food and drinks at very economical prices and can have fun with around the colour coded stages. This is also one of the greatest attraction in this festival that the stages are colour coded and look startling.

The main stage of the festival is usually coloured orange and the most popular rock artistes perform on this orange stage. Apart from this main stage there are several other stages organized indoor and outdoor for the newer bands or the artistes who not very popular worldwide.

This music festival is not only famous for the classic music performances but also for certain events that are a part of this fest. The best part of the fest is that it is a non profit event and the all the money earned by the festival is donated for the humanitarian causes. So if you want to be part of this amazing festival and want to contribute in the noble causes through it, just book your tickets now…

Top 5 Rock Music Festivals

Although there is a wide range of rock music festivals that have become an annual affair all over the world.

Music Festivals

Following is the list of few well known rock music festivals that primarily feature mainstream hard rock bands:
Austin City Limits Music Festival
This festival started in 2002 and is tied to the admired PBS music series – The Austin City Limits. This music festival caters to the rock music fans who enjoy acts in the margins and mainstream
Crue Fest
On the reunification of Motley Crue in 2008, a travelling tour named Crue Fest was organized in which some other similar band groups were also invited. Since this fest became an instant and major hit, its sequel was organized next year also.
Download Festival
This festival that started in 2003 spotlighted many veteran bands as well as many upcoming groups. This festival is celebrated for one full weekend in June every year in Derby, England.
Lollapalooza initially began as a travel oriented summer festival highlighting alternative rock music bands in the early 90s. later on it got relaunched in Chicago in 2005 and became a weekend long music event with as extensive & wider musical focus.
This is one of the most popular hard rock and metal music festival in America that is run by Ozzy Osbourne since 1996. but in recent years the signs of slowing down of this festival have been witnessed as the event in 2008 was only a one day event.