The Most Popular Guitar Manufacturers

Whether you a beginner or an experienced guitarist, what you need is a good quality guitar. There are many people who indulge themselves in researching about the famous brands before buying a product. This is relevant to a great extent because a god brand name ensure quality and reliability. Here are some most famous names in the guitar manufacturing:

1. Gibson

Gibson Logo

The Gibson corporation that is based in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the most famous names in the guitar manufacturing all over the globe. This organization is into musical instrument manufacturing for over 100 years and have created few of the most iconic music instruments in the guitar history. Their guitars range from $1000 – $2500+.

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2. Fender

Fender Logo

Fender corporation of musical instruments hail from Scottsdale, Arizona. This organization is one of the renowned names in the guitar manufacturers and they deal in amplifiers & stringed instruments. This organization is into guitar manufacturing for the longest time. The founder of this organization - Fender Stratocaster created the first commercially winning solid body electric guitar.

Fender Factory Tour 1959 (or earlier)

3. Gretsch

Gretsch Logo

This is another organization which is from German descent and has been into musical instruments manufacturing for more than 100 years. But it started manufacturing guitars in 1950s when electric guitars became exceedingly popular. Its models like Electromatic G5120 Hollowbody, G6136T White Falcon with Bigsby and Electromatic Pro Jet are very popular among guitarists.

These three are quite big names in guitar manufacturing, but there are many other names like Ibanez, Yamaha, Rickenbecker, PRS, ESP etc which are also very popular in guitar manufacturing.

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3 Most Unusual Musical Instruments Review

Musical instruments are something with which we get introduced since our childhood. Most of us are aware with many of the popular musical instruments but there are few unusual instruments in music which are least popular. Following are three of the most unusual music instruments:

1. Bazantar


Bazantar is a five string double bass musical instrument which has been specifically designed to produce the sympathetic sound. It comprises of four drone strings, melodic range which includes five octaves and also has 29 sympathetic strings. This instrument is specially designed for withstanding the increased amount of string tension.

2. Music saw

Music Saw Image

Who would have imagines that a tool from the workman’s toolset can become a musical instrument. A music saw is a musical instrument that is used to produce the haunting sound of a woman’s voice when it is played in its regular ethereal tone. The use of music saw was done by Alfred Schnittke in many of his musical works. This musical instrument is classified in the category of an idiophone as per the Hornbostel-Sachs’s musical instruments classification system.

3. Stalacpipe Organ

Stalacpipe Organ

Last but not the least is the world’s largest musical instrument which is known as Great Stalacpipe Organ. It is located in the Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This great instrument is spread over three and half acres and produces the harmonic sounds when its stalactites are tapped electronically by the rubber tipped mallets. This magnificent musical instrument was invented by LeIand W. Sprinkle in 1954.

Rock the World with Blues Rock

There are numerous music genres in the wide rock music world. Some get quite successfully adapted by people while some not. Blues rock is rock music genre that comes in the successful part. It combines bluesy improvisations ardently over twelve bar blues along with comprehensive boogie jams along with famous rock & roll style.

Blues Musician

This sub genre of rock & roll has gained immense popularity among rock music lovers. The core heart of blues rock music sound is crafted by piano, electric guitar, drum kit and a bass guitar. Well in this genre of rock music the electric guitar is normally amplified with an amplifier (tube guitar). This is done for the purpose of attaining over-driven character. The Blues rock music started developing around in the mid 60s in United States as well as in Britain. The exact timing and place has never got confirmed.

The old legends who adapted this genre of rock music included big names like Albert king, Robert Johnson, Howlin’s Wolf, B.B. King, Muddy Waters and many more. Famous bands that adapted for this rock music genre and also provided some experimentation include names like The Animals, The Rolling Stones, Butterfield Blues Band, The Yard birds and Siegel Schwall Band.

Earlier the blues rock music base used to be long and involved with improvisations on Jazz records but by 70s it changed a lot. With time the Blues rock music changed to be more riff based and quite heavier drifting towards hard rock. But by the 90s, Blues rock music genre started getting back to its root, called bluesy roots.

Love Lovely Lady Gaga, an LGBT Activist and Many more

When one says women in rock music then certain things comes to mind. Some says rock music is hard for women to connect while some says there are fewer women influential rock artist in rock world when compared to men in the rock world.

Lady Gaga Blond

But one thing that breaks the monotony while proving all the women critics in the rock music world wrong with her unique style, mesmerizing beauty and tremendous talent is Lady Gaga. I don’t think there might be any person who knows the word rock music is unaware of this lovely lady legend – Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is a famous American rock artist, singer, actress, fashion designer, philanthropist, fashion designer, record producer, businesswoman, activist, dancer, songwriter and in short – A Rock Super Woman.

Stefani is well known with the name Lady Gaga. She was born in the year 1986 in New York City. During her service as songwriter for a record company Akon captured her excellent vocal abilities and offered her & finally signed her for his famous label known as Kon Live Distribution. She has been greatly influenced by Micheal Jackson, David Bowie and Queen.

She is well recognized for her diverse, flamboyant along with outré involvement in the rock music world through her unique fashion, music videos and incredible performances. Most importantly she has been among those celebrities who have used their fame for the welfare of people too. She has been involved with certain humanitarian causes as well as a famous LGBT activist.

Lady Gaga Speaks at National Equality March Rally

5 Women Who are Shaping the Rock World in a Different Way

Women have contributed in the wide rock music world same way as the men have. One can debate over the contribution of women in the rock music world but the fact will remain the unchanged that women have equally contributing in taking the rock music world to newer heights.

Women in Rock

Women have blended sophisticatedly their sex appeals, their awesome attitude along with talent and enormously excellent & melodious vocals. Today the rock world is filled with famous rock ladies like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga but even the past was full of such incredibly talented & devoted ladies. But this article emphasizes on
those five names that are simply shaping the modern rock music world in a different way with their dedication, talent and beauty.

These five gorgeous ladies were – Amy Lee, Taylor Momsen, Nina Diaz, Kelly Ogden and Lazzy Hale. Amy Lee has got gothic look with inexplicable personality that simply makes her look sexy. Her cool performance & vocals sound as if she is performing in the opera. Taylor Momsen’s stage charisma works as if an exotic dancer plus her attire complements her sweet behavior. Her voice is raspy, crisp, and loud in a unique manner. Nina Diaz is a multi talented diva. She is the only guitarist of the band. Though Nina
is quite shy on stage yet she has cool attitude that is unbeatable, not to forget her incredible ability to write songs too.

Kelly Ogden also plays guitar along with singing. She is innocent yet sexy fun girl with an attitude of having fun all the time. Lazzy Hale is well known more as Chris Cornell’s female version due to the way she organizes the audiences with her sex appeal.

Classic Rock Is Still at Its Best

The rock music world is full of different genres. Classic rock is one of the genres of the rock music. Rock can be in anyone that makes & gets together a song whether it heavy, light or something in between. Debates have always been over the fact that what makes the classic rock music different from the modern rock? So many changes have influenced the rock world over the years but why still classic rock has held its crucial place in the rock world? What makes the classic rock’s successful prolonged existence through the decades? The answer lies in classic rock itself.

Classic Rock Bands

When a classic rock art piece is made it bypasses the time bar every time. Whether it is classic rock’s simplicity or a God gift, the classic rock will always sound at its best at any time any month any year and will undoubtedly please an ample audience. The simple rhymes along with simple riffs of classic rock music always attract the one towards itself. About the difference between classic & modern rock, well modern rock genre is quite more experimental in trying odd rhythms and different tunings. Modern rock is more about mixing together to get some new innovations while the classic music is still all about originality. But one thing that is for sure is that though modern rock has got newer heights of success but that does not mean that it has demolished the success of classic rock.

Well one can easily & confidently say that classic rock is a perfect example for the famous proverb – ‘Old is Gold’. Since still today classic rock is a favorite for at least millions of people around the world.

A Brief Story of the Black Sabbath Band

Black Sabbath – Every fan of rock music world must be aware of this name. This article is to provide a heartily tribute to this one of the most famous rock bands of the time. Black Sabbath was a popular English rock music band. The band was formulated in the year 1969 in the Birmingham. The original creators of this band incorporated Tony Iommi as guitarist, Geezer Butler as bassist, Bill Ward as drummer and Ozzy Osbourne as singer. But in current scenario, the only person from these creators, who is still in the band, is Tony Iommi. This bans was actually named Earth but it was renamed afterwards as Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath

The band was different from other rock bands of the time due to its occult themes, tuned-down guitars and most importantly horror enthused lyrics. Moreover they also focused on composing songs that were dedicated to subjects like political corruption, social instability, and dangers associated with drug abuse along with apocalyptic divination related with the revulsions of war. Black Sabbath is quoted as the actual pioneers of the popular heavy metal. This is because this band is considered to help defining the heavy metal genre of rock music with their releases like Paranoid which was a quadruple-platinum. This
famous album was released in the year 1970; just one year after Black Sabbath band was formulated. Black Sabbath was also ranked as the ‘Greatest Metal Band’ of the time by the MTV. This band was inducted in Rock & Roll Hall of fame in US in the year 2006 while in UK’s Hall of fame in the year 2005.

12 Unknown Facts about the Beatles Band

We have already written about the Beatles before, but that was an insight into the band’s career that is well-known to fans. This articles digs more into something that few people know only.

Love The Beatles? Well who does not? Every rock music lover has got a soft corner for Beatles. But as a Beatles fan does you know some unknown facts about your love? Well if not then go through this article. This article will provide you with some interesting unknown facts about the Beatles. These are described below with brief description.

The Beatles Band

So let us just take a quick look –

  1. The only two surviving Beatles members, Starr & McCartney are left handed.
  2. The Beatles have still been the best selling rock band in the history.
  3. All of the members of the Beatles band were born in England & that too in Liverpool in early 40s.
  4. Harrison was repeatedly termed as “the quiet Beatle”.
  5. Ringo Starr was the oldest member of the Beatles but he was the shortest one of the band.
  6. Harrison was a big admirer of Indian mysticism. He was the one who introduced this thing to the other members of the Beatles.
  7. The Beatles got introduced in the famous Rock & Roll Hall of fame in the year 1988. This is a place where the big legends of rock music world are honored.
  8. Harrison had expertise in various musical instruments like guitar, sitar, ukulele, harmonica, sarod, tambura, swarmandal, mandolin, keyboards along with bass guitar.
  9. John Lennon was unfortunately murdered in the year 1980 by an obsessed fan.
  10. George Harrison died in the year 2001 due to lung cancer.
  11. McCartney is among one of the wealthiest persons in the United Kingdom.
  12. George Harrison is the only one of the Beatles to publish an autobiography.

The Beatles: The First US Visit [Documentary]