The First Woman in Rock and Roll: Rise and Fall

Rock Music got its fame in the early 1950s but women had to wait till 1980s to actually get a place, a dominating one, in the world of Rock Music. The reasons can be lead to a debate and that is something we are not talking about here. This article is all about our first rocking rock women – Janis Joplin.

Janis Joplin

Until the early 1980s, only few a handful women were able to claim the rock n roll stage with just few recorded unforgettable albums of the time. Janis Joplin was the first top reigning queen at that time that actually had one of the most thrilling & exciting career in the Rock Music despite being having a tragic ending. With her raspy tone she delivered the world some of the most memorable art pieces that include ‘Piece of My Heart’, ‘Big Brother & the Holding Company’, ‘Summertime’ and my favorite ‘Move Over’.

Janis Joplin struggle her way through disapprovals from society, numerous irritating skeptics, the traditional cultural norms, unfair pay and opposition from some rock artists too. But she paved her way to success with these criticism and condemnations. She got everything one can dream of – enjoying peak of the career, fame, name, popularity, huge fan club, money and stardom. But with these she also got involved in the dark side of stardom – alcohol overdo, chaotic relationships, drugs. These lead her to losing her own sense of herself and one bad day this goddess of Rock Music was found dead in her hotel room due to drug overdose leaving the world wondering about the rise & fall of this World’s First ‘Rock’ Women.

3 Doors Down – An Indispensable Contribution to the Music & World

There are numerous bands that have contributed to the Rock Music world since emergence of Rock n Roll in the early 1950s. All bands have got their own features, genre, style that makes them different from each other. Some bands attain positive fame while may be some believe in negative fame.

3 Doors Down

One such band that has gained immense popularity but in positive side and has made an indispensable contribution to the world of music is ‘3 Doors Down’. 3 Doors Down is basically an America based Rock music band. The band was originally formulated in the year 1996. The band first consisted of three members – Todd Harell as the bass player, Brad Arnold as the drums & vocals in charge and Matt Roberts as the guitar player. Later on Chris Henderson was introduced to the band.

The band’s first studio album was the 11th best selling music album of the year in 2000. This album was ‘The Better Life’ & sold more than 3 million copies. Till date 3 Doors Down have went on selling 20 million albums worldwide. The band got their immense international fame with ‘Kryptonite’ which was charted in the Billboard Hot 100. With all these advancements in the Rock Music, the band also contributed effectually for the world benefit. The band started ‘The Better Life Foundation (TBLF)’ in the year 2003 that focused on the aim of giving as much kids as possible a good life. This movement of 3 Doors Down has really made an eminent contribution in endowing a better life to children while portraying their commendable gesture towards working for the betterment of society.

The Impact of the Legend – ‘Elvis Aaron Presley’ on Rock Music

Everyone who has heard the name ‘Rock Music’ must be aware of the legend – The Elvis Aaron Presley. Undoubtedly he was the most famous as well as controversial singer of the time. But the sad part of the story is that today many people don’t even wholly understand the importance & contribution of this great legend in the world of Rock Music. This great legend was the first ever being to record an actual record of Rock & Roll. This record was based on the true definition given by the mighty Allan Freed to world of Rock Music.

Elvis Black and White

Not only this, Elvis Presley also contributed a massive important element to the current Rock Music world. One of the major key sounds in the Rock & Roll – the ‘Rockabilly’, is an outcome of Elvis’s creativity. Elvis combined diverse types of music to form this style. Not just this but in his lifetime Elvis combined several music genres & sounds into entirely different style for Rock Music world.

If still confused about Elvis’s importance in Rock Music world, then you should know that today any new youngster getting attracted to the wide Rock Music world first learns about this legend before starting the journey. Since Elvis is the first person to use the real defined term to describe music, his is simply the only true definition of what Rock Music is. So we can say proudly that Elvis provided the world with an impact will be alive till the Rock Music is alive.

The Beatles – Fame & Controversy

The one band that had effectively influenced the rock world with its unique art was the Beatles. The Beatles was formulated in the year 1960. It was an English rock band. The band became one of the most commercially flourishing, successful as well as critically acclaimed in the history of famous rock music world. The band’s well known lineup incorporated Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

The Beatles Rare Photo

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The Beatles got famous for adapting & trying several genres ranging from psychedelic rock to pop ballads along with a unique touch of classical mixed with other elements in a unique innovative way. The band’s massive fame emerged in the early 1960s as the “Beatle mania”. With time as their songwriting cultivated with sophistication & elegance, they came to be professed by majority of their fans along with their cultural observers as an effective personification of the ideals & principles shared by the socio-cultural rebellions of the era.

With immense fame the Beatles have also been famous for a different kind of controversy associated with them – the controversial remark made by the John Lennon in the year 1966 as “More Popular than Jesus”. Lennon made the statement that Christianity was in begged off decline and that the band Beatles had turn out to be more famous than Jesus Christ himself. This quote was considered among the most controversial statements ever made in the history ever. With increasing protests, two press conferences were held where both Lennon and Epstein articulated their heartily regret at the statement made by the Lennon.

Rock Music – Hard for Women to Connect?

Rock Music has always been a center of attraction especially for those entering their teenage. This music is a genre of legendary ‘Rock and Roll’. If you go for the legends of Rock Music then there are many names like legendary Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Eric Burdon, Ray Charles, Howling Wolf, Eddie Cochran that will just strike your mind and one will be just saying ‘wow’ in his mind. But wait a minute.

Angela Gossow

Are not we forgetting something? Where are big Rock women musicians? Obviously when Rock Music comes to our minds, many legendary male musicians come to our mind but where are those ladies who also contributed hugely in this form of music? Is this ongoing debate true that Rock Music is hard for women to be connected with like men had in the past?

In fact it has always been difficult to conclude how crucial contribution women had made in the development of the Rock Music. If we just go through the history then we will get the facts that earlier women who wanted to pursue a career in rock n roll had to face sort of war with disbelievers, male rock artists, cultural norms, society and most of the time with themselves. Certain family boundaries restricted most of earlier era women to even think of becoming a ‘rock star’ because that was against the so called sophisticated society. Further the women who did enter the Rock Music world being an infidelity were considered just a ‘Sex Material’ despite the immense talent.

So there is no end to this debate yet certain facts are there.

Is Rock Music Fading Away?

Rock Music has always been a core attraction especially for teenagers. This form of music is a genre of famous ‘Rock and Roll’. The legendary names like legendary Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Eric Burdon, Ray Charles, Howling Wolf, and Eddie Cochran just strike your heart & you can’t just leave without saying ‘wow what era was that?’.

Rock and Roll

Now that is an actual problem. A ‘What era was that?’ lead to a question in our mind that is rock music has faded away with time? Is rock music loosing away its audiences and lovers due to birth of other sorts of music genres? Is our new generation not that much fond of rock music as we used to be or people earlier to us were? Is it actually the twilight of this legendary music form?

Well if one looks at the sales polls of passed 201, the outcomes do compile the fact that rock music is fast trailing favor with the actual record buying communal. The other forms of music like rap music is holding their reign as the more admired & accepted music format today. But the question is still there that why rap music succeeds while rock music falters? Well one of the biggest reason could be the fact that rock music has taken a move from the local streets to the wide suburbs and that has cost it losing its edge. True emotions, passions and skill in rock music has now been majorly replaced with self focused acoustic buzz, shallow Hipster idiosyncrasy & whiney Emos. It is more a monetary thing than the true art.

Reasons can be many but the question & its answer is still very gloomy & depressing.

What is Grunge Rock

The grunge rock is a rock music flavor which is characterized by dissonant harmonies and slower tempos. It is the music that has drawn its inspiration from indie rock, heavy metal and hardcore punk. This kind of music is associated with complex instrumentation which features apathetic or anguish based lyrics, sludgy guitar sound which uses high level fuzz, feedback & distortion effects and contrasting song dynamics. This music is believed to be developed in Seattle between 1980s and 1990s.

Some of the prominent places where this music was played during this development phase includes Crocodile Cafe. Since it originated from Seattle it is also popularly known as the “Seattle Sound”. The first band to bring forward the Grunge rock to a major platform was “Sound Garden”. This band was the first Grunge band that signed to a bigger label when they joined A&M Records roster in 1989. Later many other bands also experimented with this style of music and contributed to make it a popular form of rock music.

In 1991,the band “Nirvana” released their first Grunge rock based album – Never Mind. This album from Nirvana wiped the hair bands off the fashionable and popular charts. Also, the album “Ten” from Pearl Jam rock band contributor significantly to the popularity of this music. Also these bands gave some popular Grunge numbers to the world. This music reached the heights of popularity between the period ranging from 1989 to 1994, but after this period it couldn’t maintain its popularity.