The Musical Impact of the Led Zeppelin Band

The two decades constituting 1960s and 1970s gave a huge contribution to the music industry. There was an overwhelming amount of talent that squeezed in these two decades and produced some most bizarre, powerful and popular music. Some of the prominent names of that time were Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Bob Dylan, The eagles etc.

Led Zeppelin

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One of the immensely popular name of this era was Led Zeppelin, which seem to have to glorified the rock and roll music in this period. It was a legendry rock band that hailed from Britain and started making music in 1968. The musical impact of Led Zeppelin was monumental and phenomenal. This band was actually formed from the reincarnation of another band called the Yardbirds.

Led Zeppelin is believed to have sold more than 300 million albums all over the world. It was their immensely successful music that made them the only band in the world, whose every album managed quite well to reach the US Billboard top 10. Out of all these albums, seven even acquired the top spot of US Billboard top 10.

This band was given the name “Hammer of Gods” due to the mythological lyrics and intense sound of their songs. the legendry song “Stairway to Heaven” was also wrote by Led Zeppelin. This song became the anthem of the world not only the nation. The team of Led Zeppelin was composed by Jimmy page as guitarist, John Henry Bonham as drummer, John Paul Jones as bassist and Robert Plant as the vocalist.

The Yardbirds – For Your Love (1965) (Full version)

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love (1997 Promo)

Twentieth Anniversary Celebration Tour for Wildhearts

The Wildhearts, is the name of an English rock band that hails from England. The music that they make is a combination of melodic pop music and hard rock. Although press has often stated that they drive their influence for music from Beatles and Metallica, but the band itself has always denied these speculations that circulate around.


The band finds its origin in 1989, but they came up with a bang with a their debut album – The earth v/s the Wildhearts in 1993. This band which poses a unpredictable and turbulent history. Apart from Ginger, all the other members of the band have been regularly replaced.

In this year, 2013, the band is celebrating its 20th anniversary of the debut album and has planned a short UK tour for this. They’ll perform their 1993′s successful record in Nottingham, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Glasgow. The team for this anniversary celebration includes the main man of the band – Ginger (David Walls) joined by CJ as guitarist, Ritch Battersby as drummer and Random Jon Poole as the bassist.

The line up for the performance is also quite exciting as the full eleven tracks from the album will be delivered by the band in the first half of each performing night followed by the second half, where the band will play the tracks chosen by the live audience.

This band will be performing after a long time as in 2009, after the release of Chutzpah, the band
was put on hiatus by Ginger due to Scott Sorry’s unavailability.

‘Please Please Me’ finally sold for £12,000: Auction at Sussex

A rare version of the album The Beatles named ‘Please Please Me’ is finally sold for £12,000 at an auction in Sussex. The album was signed by the four band members namely Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The album was expected to fetch £15,000 at the Worthing auction. ‘Please Please Me’ was the first album released by The Beatles in the year 1963. Beatles was one of the initial groups that have significant contribution in bringing the rock music at a place, where it is today.

Please Please Me

Liz Chambers, from Worthing and her brother Chris Collins, from Eastbourne have initially refused the £12,000 bid for the copy of the same album earlier. But, according to the latest updates, they have accepted the aforementioned amount from the private buyers. Although they have expected more for the rarity of The Beatles that has been kept in a tin for about 30 years, they have had to close the deal with somewhat lower price than what expected.

The Beatles, one of the most popular English rock bands was founded in Liverpool in the year 1960. During the start, the band performed in the various clubs based in Liverpool and Hamburg so as to build the reputation. If we say, that they are among one of the most popular rock bands, it would not be wrong. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, The Beatles have sold about 177 million units in the United States as of 2012.

The Origin of Punk Rock Music

Punk Rock that originated in 1970s began just as a fad but in a short span of time it became a phenomenon that brought a great change in the rock music industry forever. Punk rock came as a new combination sound that combined the goodness of pop and rock music. When it was introduced, it gained popularity because it was quite different from the mainstream music that was prevalent at that time. But as so it started gaining popularity, it formed a subculture of its own.

Punk Rock
The name Punk Rock was taken from the slang word “punk” which meant worthless and rotten. This name was given to punk because this music was entirely different from the mainstream music of that time. The new band that introduced this music was different from the other mainstream players in many senses. They had little mainstream talent, they carried the message of antiauthority with themselves, wore crazy clothes and their hairstyles looked outrageous. Although it originated in late 1960s but only around 1974 the punk rock began to establish a different sort of music genre of its own. There are many arguments about the origin of punk rock as far as the place of origin is concerned. Some believe it to be London, while other argue it to be New York. This is because in the early 70s, the punk rocks were emerging at both these places.
In late 70s the Sex Pistols & the Clash band of London, and Ramones of New York emerged as the vanguard of this new musical revolution named as Punk Rock.