5 Hottest Female Rock Stars

Today I would like to two about the topic that would every real man would definitely appreciate. I am going to name top hottest vintage female rock stars. All I want is to recollect these talented ladies who too, by some magic coincidence were extremely attractive.

1. Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone)
I presume that many people who were born in late 80s will be surprised to hear that Madonna is a rock star. But she is! She performed at different rock festivals and in clubs. On the 16th of August Madonna will turn 54!


2. Gwen Stefani (Gwen Renée Stefani)

She is not only a singer and songwriter but too a fashion designer. She is known as a lead singer of a No Doubt rock band. Beginning from 2001 she also tried herself as an actress in four films.

Gwen Stefani


3. PJ Harvey (Polly Jean Harvey)
She was born in 1969. She is known for playing guitar and being a singer, but PJ Harvey is too a professional piano, organ, bass, harmonica and saxophone player. One of the recent instruments that she masters was autoharp. Autoharp is a string instrument with chord bars attached to dampers.

PJ Harvey


4. Deborah Ann “Debbie” Harry
Deborah Ann was born in 1945, on the first of July. She is an American singer and known for participating in a punk rock band Blondie, but was too successful as a solo artist. She performed in The Jazz Passengers, jazz band formed by Roy Nathanson and Curtis Fowlkes.

Debbie Harry "Blondie"

5. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne


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